Grape Tree Estate Winery

Address: 308 Mersea Road 3,
Leamington, ON, N8H 3V5, Canada
Phone: (519) 322-2081
Fax: (519) 324-9786
Winemaster Steven Brook and the staff of Grape Tree are glad you are visiting. We hope you enjoy our web site and that you come and visit us at the vineyard. Steven has produced fine wines and a wealth of information about wine. You can enjoy both here at Grape Tree Estate. We have the finest collection of wines available on the north shore of Lake Erie. These wines, with their compatriots from other wineries on the Ale, Wine and Spirits Trail, offer a wonderful taste experience that is becoming recognized on an international stage. Our wines and wine accessories are available online. Come to visit as an individual or with a group. Tours are available as well as special events.

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