Munro Honey & Meadery

Address: 3115 River Street,
Alvinston, ON, N0N 1A0, Canada
Phone: (519) 847-5333
Fax: (519) 847-5340
Founded by Warren Munro, the business was purchased in 1956 by Howard and Mavis Bryans. Howard, himself a third generation beekeeper, would keep the Munro Honey name to avoid confusion with other Bryans beekeepers operating in Ontario. In 1989 Howard and Mavis’ two sons Davis and John, along with their wives, Mary and Chris, purchased the business. The fifth generation of beekeepers is now quickly learning the trade. The success of Munro Honey is largely due to the knowledge and expertise gained through five generations of beekeepers and honey producers. Along with a small group of hard working, dedicated individuals who help ensure that everything runs smoothly. Add to this our simple marketing philosophy: “Produce and deliver a premium quality product at a fair price.” And you have our recipe for over 85 years of success. Our reputation for excellence in product and service will continue to be our goal and the commitment we make to all our customers. In 1994, after a tragic fire, we relocated to a larger, more modern 12000 square foot facility. This improved our flexibility and product delivery systems to better meet the needs of our customers. Our new federally regulated plant houses the latest in modern honey production equipment.

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